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Learn How to Charge Apple Pencil – Complete Guide [2023]

How Long Does Apple Pencil Take to Charge?

Because the Apple Pencil includes a lightning connector, you can attach it straight to the iPad Pro’s Lightning Port. You don’t need a cord to charge your Apple Pencil because it charges wirelessly.

In reality, the iPad Pro is able to recognize when the pencil is inserted and charged because it won’t go into standby mode.

How long it will take to charge your Apple Pencil is impossible to say with certainty because it depends on the battery’s level of discharge and the wattage of the charger you are using. However, a complete charge normally takes two hours.

If you need to charge the battery quickly, a higher-wattage charger can get it to 50% in around 15 minutes. Thus, it takes 30 minutes to fully charge an Apple Pencil.

According to Apple, the Apple Pencil can be used for 12 hours without recharging. Depending on how frequently you use it and which functions you use, this could imply less than or more than 12 hours (for example, if you are constantly rotating layers in Procreate, it will deplete the battery more quickly).

With an iPhone, can I charge an Apple Pencil?

No, you may only use the included USB-A to Lightning Charger to recharge the Apple Pencil.

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How can I determine my Apple Pencil 1’s battery life?

The steps below can be used to check the Apple Pencil 1’s battery level:

  • A device should be connected to your Apple Pencil 1.
  • Open the Settings app.
  • Click “Bluetooth” after swiping down.
  • You ought to see your Apple Pencil 1 listed under “Other Devices.”
  • You can tap on it to check the Apple Pencil 1’s battery life. Your device’s “Batteries widget” will also display information about your Apple Pencil 1. You may check your Apple Pencil 1’s battery life by swiping over to the widgets screen and selecting it (steps 3-4 can be done from the lock screen as well).

Your Apple Pencil 1 may be charged via the Lightning connector if its battery life is becoming low.

Simply insert one end of the Lightning connection into your device’s port and the other end into a working power outlet to get started.

Your Apple Pencil 1 will begin charging on its own when you plug it in.
When charging, the Apple Pencil 1’s LED will also become white.

How can I see how much power my Apple Pencil 2 has left?

Follow these procedures to check the Apple Pencil 2’s battery life:

  • Launch the Settings app.
  • Tap “Bluetooth” after scrolling down.
  • Your Apple Pencil 2 ought to be listed under “Other Devices”. To view your Apple Pencil 2’s battery life, tap on it (steps 3-4 can be done from the lock screen as well).
  • Additionally, your Apple Pencil 2 will be visible in the “Batteries widget” on your iPhone. To check the Apple Pencil 2’s battery life, just slide over to the widget screen and choose it.

If the Apple Pencil 2’s battery is running low, you may recharge it via the Lightning port on your phone or a USB-C power supply.

Simply insert one end of the cable into the port on your device, and the other connector’s other end into a working power outlet. Your Apple Pencil 2 will begin charging on its own through your device. Your Apple Pencil 2’s LED will also become white as it charges.

Can Apple Pencil Be Charged Away From an iPad?

The Lightning connection on your device or a USB-C power converter can both be used to charge the Apple Pencil.

Apple Pencil can be charged while being used with an iPad Pro, another compatible iPad model running iOS 12, an iPhone XS, XR, XS Max, or an iPhone X.

It is not physically connected to the device when you charge Apple Pencil in the Lightning port of your device, and it is not charging wirelessly either. As a result, if you pick up your device while it is still charging and use Touch ID to authenticate with Apple Pay Cash or

Face ID, the Apple Pencil will disconnect and stop charging.

Utilize the screen lock button on the Apple Pencil’s top to secure it so that it stays plugged in.

The USB-C power supply is also functional with the Apple Pencil.

To charge either your Apple Pencil 2 or your device, simply insert one end of the cable into a working electrical outlet and the other end into the Lightning connector on your device.

Can you use the Apple Pencil at any angle?

Certainly, but there are restrictions. To accurately detect touches when using an Apple pencil to draw or write, the tip should be resting on top of the glass, such as the iPad Pro.

For instance, if you set an Apple pencil on a desk instead of a glass surface, it won’t be able to detect your touch input accurately.

By angling the Apple pencil while drawing, you may use the iPad Pro’s tilt recognition feature to modify the shade and line weight.

For instance, if you tilt an Apple pencil toward the sky, your lines will be darker; if you tilt it toward the ground, they would be lighter. Additionally, two hands can be used to regulate line weight in a variety of ways.

For instance, you can better control the line thickness while holding an Apple pencil between your thumb and little finger.



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