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Monopoly Go All Ski Stars Rewards & Milestones

In the captivating realm of Hasbro’s mobile adaptation of the timeless board game, a thrilling event known as ‘Ski Stars’ is unfolding.

Discover a myriad of in-game rewards effortlessly, from additional rolls to coveted stickers and delightful cartoon pickaxes.

To navigate this event with finesse, delve into the intricacies of maximizing benefits, discerning what to seize now and when to patiently await forthcoming opportunities later in the week.

Milestone Points Reward
1 3 10 dice rolls
2 10 3 pickaxes
3 10 Sticker Pack (2x 1-star)
4 10 Cash
5 60 100 dice rolls
6 15 3 pickaxes
7 20 Cash
8 25 Cash Grab (10-minutes)
9 20 5 pickaxes
10 150 225 dice rolls
11 25 Sticker Pack (2x 1-star)
12 30 6 pickaxes
13 40 Cash
14 45 7 pickaxes
15 400 500 dice rolls
16 45 11 pickaxes
17 50 Sticker Pack (3x 2-star)
18 55 Cash
19 60 13 pickaxes
20 800 850 dice rolls
21 60 Sticker Pack (3x 3-star)
22 65 15 pickaxes
23 70 70 dice rolls
24 80 Cash
25 1,200 1,100 dice rolls
26 90 High Roller (10-minutes)
27 100 19 pickaxes
28 115 Sticker Pack (4x 4-star)
29 140 140 dice rolls
30 1,000 Cash
31 200 Sticker Pack (4x 4-star)
32 250 200 dice rolls
33 300 26 pickaxes
34 350 Cash
35 1,600 1,400 dice rolls
36 500 Cash Boost (5-minutes)
37 550 Sticker Pack (6x 5-star)
38 700 Cash
39 800 30 pickaxes
40 2,500 2,000 dice rolls
41 900 High Roller (15-minutes)
42 950 Cash
43 1,000 45 pickaxes
44 1,100 600 dice rolls
45 2,000 Cash
46 1,150 650 dice rolls
47 1,200 Sticker Pack (6x 5-star)
48 1,300 65 pickaxes
49 1,400 Cash
50 6,200 6,000 dice rolls

Mastering Monopoly Go Events: A Schedule Insight

Efficiency in any Monopoly Go event hinges on understanding the event schedule. Once attuned to the release patterns, strategic decision-making becomes second nature.

Learn when to preserve your rolls for future events and when to expend them concurrently on multiple promotions.

For instance, capitalize on the frequent appearances of Monopoly Go dice links throughout the day to amplify your in-game gains.

If you crave a break from the whirlwind of spins, explore the finest online board games as a refreshing alternative.

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Decoding Monopoly GO Ski Stars Rewards and Milestones

As in previous Monopoly GO events, the ‘Ski Stars’ extravaganza boasts many milestones.

These milestones, upon achievement, unlock diverse rewards such as Sticker Packs, Cash, Pickaxe Tokens, and an impressive 13,845 free Dice Rolls.

Accumulate points through various activities, with each milestone offering a unique reward.

Unveil the entire list of rewards and milestones awaiting in the ‘Ski Stars’ event, enhancing your Monopoly GO experience!

Strategies to Amass Points in Monopoly GO Ski Stars

The focal point of the ‘Ski Stars’ event centers around ‘Pickups.’ Earn additional points by landing on tiles featuring Pickups, strategically positioned on distinct property tiles.

Boost your Dice multiplier when in proximity to these tiles to exponentially increase your points upon landing. Embrace traditional Monopoly GO tasks, dice rolls, and diverse tile landings to accrue points.

The Railroad tile, triggering a Bank Heist or Shutdown, remains a prime choice for point accumulation.

Engage in tournaments and events, acquiring additional Dice rolls to heighten your chances of encountering the lucrative Pickups tiles.

Navigating the ‘Ski Stars’ Event: Your Comprehensive Guide

Armed with these insights, you are well-equipped to navigate the ‘Ski Stars’ event in Monopoly GO. Implement these tips and tricks to amass extra points, enabling you to attain numerous milestones and claim many free Dice rolls.

Act swiftly, as the ‘Ski Stars’ event unfolds over a brief 2-day period commencing on January 22nd. Seize this opportunity to partake in the festivities and secure your well-deserved rewards.

For an in-depth exploration of Monopoly GO events and expert guides, peruse the wealth of information on our website!

When is the Monopoly Go Ski Stars event’s end date?

The Monopoly Go Ski Stars event is scheduled to conclude on January 25 at 7 AM PT / 10 AM ET / 3 PM GMT.

Having taken over from the Monopoly Go Winter Express event, it will make way for a new event at the specified date and time.



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