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Today’s Coin Master Free Spins & Coins Links (April 2024)

Updated: April 8, 2024 - We found new Coin Master free spins links!

Discover the secret to unlocking Coin Master’s free spins and coins!

Dive into the ultimate hub where you’ll find daily links for this super fun mobile game. Our Coin Master blog isn’t just about today’s links, we’ve got the past ones too.

Did you miss out before? No worries! You still have a shot at grabbing them all!

Normally, 30 spins would set you back $1.99 in the US, £1.99 in the UK, and €1.99 in Germany.

It’s a small price for a thrilling time, but guess what’s even better? Free.

Rest assured, our Coin Master bonus links deliver the newest free spins and coins, guaranteed safe and thoroughly tested before we share them!

Coin Master chests
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April 825 spins, 25 spins, 60 spins, 25 spins, 25 spins
April 725 spins, 25 spins, 25 spins, 10 spins, 1 million coins, 25 spins, 25 spins, 10 spins, 1 million coins
April 610 spins, 1 million coins, 25 spins, 25 spins, 25 spins, 25 spins
April 525 spins, 25 spins, 10 spins, 1 million coins, 25 spins, 25 spins
April 425 spins, 25 spins, 25 spins, 60 spins, 25 spins
April 310 spins, 1 million coins, 25 spins, 25 spins, 25 spins
April 225 spins, 25 spins, 10 spins, 1 million coins, 60 spins, 25 spins, 25 spins
April 160 spins, 25 spins, 25 spins, 25 spins, 10 spins, 1 million coins, 60 spins
March 3125 spins, 70 spins, 40 spins, 25 spins

How to Get More Coin Master Free Spins & Coins

Hunting for daily links isn’t the sole technique to unlock a treasure trove of Coin Master free spins and coins!

There exist several additional avenues for acquiring Coin Master codes.

Harness the Power of Facebook Invites

Engage in the game’s thrill by inviting friends on Facebook. For every successful invite that leads to a friend downloading the game, opening it, and logging in via Facebook, you’ll seize a bountiful reward of 40 Coin Master free spins.

With a vast network of friends, the rewards can soar remarkably swiftly.

The Joy of Gifting

Once your circle of friends is united within the game, embrace the joy of mutual gifting!

Exchange Coin Master free spins and coins daily amongst your companions without any loss of personal spins. Enjoy the opportunity to send and receive up to 100 spins in total.

Exercise Patience for Greater Rewards

Exercise a touch of patience! For every passing hour, the game bestows upon you five spins, culminating in a stash of 50 Coin Master free spins.

A strategic approach involves waiting a maximum of ten hours to maximize your spin collection.

Coin Master Secret Tips & Tricks

Be strategic with your coins

Always be wary of potential Raids that could swipe a significant portion of your stored coins. To safeguard your earnings, spend coins whenever possible, especially if your Shields are depleted or if the Rhino Pet is still locked!

Hoarding coins in your reserves might attract Big Raids. A Big Raid is a high-stakes event where a successful raid could leave you bereft of millions of your hard-earned Coins!

Strategic Raiding

Having an abundance of Coin Master free spins might tempt you to raise your Bet for the multiplied spin bonus. While this accelerates your coin earnings, reserving your spins for targeting wealthy players is wiser.

Above the Slots Machine, identify the assigned Coin Master and their current Coin reserves.

Reserve your Bets for Coin Masters with substantial coin hoards. Since Raid earnings are proportional to the player’s Coin stash, exclusively using Maximum Bets on affluent Coin Masters increases your potential for quick wealth accumulation.

For high-stakes Raids, always deploy Foxy as your active Pet.

Foxy grants an extra shovel during Raids, significantly boosting your chances of securing hefty coin amounts.

Invest in chests across villages

Individual cards hold no significant advantages, but completing a Card Collection does. Upon entering a new Village, invest in as many Chests as your budget allows.

Obtaining lower-level Cards becomes progressively harder as you advance in Village tiers, making early stages optimal for securing necessary low-level Cards.

Imagine the regret of having to use a Joker to replace a missing standard Card that was easily obtainable in the early stages of gameplay!

Maximize your pet’s benefits

Your Pet’s enhancing effects last for only four hours after activation. If you can’t commit to playing for four consecutive hours, hold off on activating your Pet until you have a dedicated four-hour gaming window.

This principle even applies to the defensive Rhino; he remains passive during attacks unless specifically deployed to defend your base.

Coin Master Free Spins & Coins FAQ’s

coin master tiger
Image Via: Moon Active

Is it possible to get 50 Coin Master free spins?

The chances are slim through daily links, yet not impossible. Typically, these 50 spins grace your stash during in-game events, particularly while raiding other players.

Is it possible to get 60 Coin Master free spins?

Bagging this count via daily links is a rarity but within the realms of possibility. Consistent play and active event participation can bolster your odds of securing these 60 spins.

Is it possible to get 70 Coin Master free spins?

This 70-spin bounty emerges solely in special events, reserved for the fortunate souls who diligently engage with the game daily and keep tabs on social media channels.

Is it possible to get 100 Coin Master free spins?

Stay in the game loop, frequent gameplay, and stay tuned to social media channels during in-game events. These spins exclusively surface as rewards, notably in instances of player raids or battles.

Is it possible to get 400 Coin Master free spins?

Less prevalent but feasible through regular gameplay and vigilantly tracking social media channels for grand-scale events.

Is it possible to get 50,000 Coin Master free spins?

Regrettably, the game imposes limitations to ensure fairness among all players. However, you can amass free spins through daily links, in-game events, inviting Facebook pals, and through in-game waiting periods.

Looking for Coin Master free spins links?

Discover the most recent Coin Master free spins links right here, updated daily. If you prefer hunting them down yourself, follow Coin Master on Facebook and Twitter. The game’s developer regularly shares these links across various posts.

Do Coin Master free spins links expire?

Absolutely, Coin Master free spins links do expire. Typically, these links have a lifespan of three days post-release. Once spotted on Coin Master’s Facebook or Twitter, ensure to claim them within this window in the game.

Is it possible to get unlimited free spins in Coin Master?

No, the game doesn’t allow unlimited free spins. There’s a cap on the number you can hold at any given time. This fair limit ensures a level playing field, granting each player an equal chance to compete.



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