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Exploring Monopoly Go Events, Tournaments, and Exclusive Rewards

In the dynamic world of Monopoly Go, a myriad of events and tournaments unfold regularly, promising exciting rewards.

This article aims to guide you through the current Monopoly Go events, various event types, and upcoming happenings.

Stay tuned for insights into maximizing your chances of success in this captivating online board game.

Current Monopoly Go Events: Winter Express & Snowman Contest

Monopoly Go has two main events taking place today. The first event, Winter Express, concludes on Monday, January 22, 2024, and rewards players for landing on specific corner squares.

Players aim for tiles like Go, Just Visiting, Free Parking, and Go To Jail, though the latter is not ideal, as escaping requires rolling a double or paying a fine.

The grand prize for this event is 6,500 dice rolls and a purple sticker pack.

The second significant event today is the Snowman Contest, which also concludes on Monday, January 22, 2024.

In this tournament, players strive to land on Railroad tiles to initiate a Shutdown or a Bank Heist.

Understanding Monopoly Go Events and Tournaments

Navigating the diverse array of Monopoly Go events and tournaments can be overwhelming initially.

Let’s delve into the details of each to ensure you’re well-prepared for your journey to success.

1. Partners Event

The Partners Event stands out as one of Monopoly Go’s grand social gatherings. Unlocked upon reaching the fifth board, this event allows you to choose friends as partners to construct structures on your board and secure prizes.

Building and upgrading attractions involves spinning a wheel and earning points. Remember, once you form a partnership, changing partners becomes impossible, so choose wisely!

2. Golden Blitz

Introduced for trading gold stickers, the Golden Blitz event permits up to five trades per day.

Exclusive to this event, it’s essential to stay informed about the next Golden Blitz occurrence through our comprehensive guide.

3. Tournaments

Limited-time tournaments pit you against fellow players, allowing you to earn unique currencies and coveted rewards.

Each tournament features distinct earning mechanisms, so consult the in-game event icon for specifics.

4. Daily Treats

By playing Monopoly Go daily, you can accrue Daily Treats—a rewarding incentive that increases with longer login streaks.

5. Quick Wins

Complete daily objectives for progress towards a weekly reward, hitting milestones, each unlocking its unique reward.

6. Community Chest

Landing on a Community Chest tile contributes to a communal pool. Invite friends to join the game and enjoy the collective rewards from the chest upon acceptance.

7. Free Parking

A rare and special event occurring sporadically, Free Parking accumulates free dice rolls as you traverse the board.

Upon landing on the Free Parking tile, claim all accrued free dice rolls and a substantial cash prize.

8. Milestone

Milestone events, available for a limited duration, present diverse objectives with substantial rewards. The nature of these events varies, ensuring a fresh experience each time.

9. Landmark Rush

Completing landmarks in this time-limited event yields additional rewards, adding an extra layer of excitement to your Monopoly Go journey.

10. Board Rush

Achieve rewards by completing boards in this limited-time event, offering a unique gameplay experience.

11. Bank Heist

Landing on a Railroad tile initiates a thrilling mini-game. Choose vault doors strategically to unveil symbols and potentially win a small heist, large heist, or even a jackpot.

12. Rent Frenzy

Experience heightened rent targets on the board during this event, leading to increased rent income.

13. Cash Grab

Engage in a straightforward mini-game by tapping floating notes on the screen to accumulate Monopoly money.

14. Cash Boost

Double your cash earnings during this limited-time event, applicable to various in-game activities but excluding live events.

15. Property Wheel Boost

Upon completing a set and landing on hotel tiles, unlock the opportunity to spin the wheel twice in this exclusive event.

16. Prize Drop

Running for a few days, the Prize Drop event involves collecting tokens through regular gameplay and dropping them for a chance to win prizes.

Utilizing a multiplier accelerates progress toward additional rewards.

Past Monopoly Go Events

While some events have concluded, there’s a possibility of their return in the future. Keep an eye out for these:

Road to RichesJanuary 8-11
Chest Quest ChallengeJanuary 11
Monopoly OriginsJanuary 7-11
Snowy CreationsJanuary 2-3
Heartfelt HolidaysJanuary 2-4
New Year’s Eve BashDec 30 – Jan 2
Resolution RaceDecember 31
Fortune CountdownDecember 27-30
Gifts All AroundDecember 24-27
Santa’s SprintGifts All-Around
Jingle JamDecember 21-24
Santa’s SprintDecember 25-26
Sleigh RaceDecember 23-24
Gingerbread GaloreDec 10-12, Dec 17-20
Winter WonderlandDec 6-10, Dec 15-17
Twinkle TreeDec 4-6, Dec 10-15, Dec 20-23
Heartfelt HolidaysDecember 1-4
Uncharted AdventuresNovember 29-December 1
Bows and BanditsNovember 26-29
Epic MythsNovember 24-26
Blessed FeastNovember 21-24
Cranberry CarnivalNovember 19-21
Creative AccountingNovember 15-19
Tax RefundNovember 13-15
Singles NightNovember 10-13
Wall Street WondersNovember 5-10
Equity ExtravaganzaNovember 3-5
Jungle JamNovember 1-3
Trick or TreatOctober 30-November 1
Spooky SoireeOctober 27-30
Bewitching BashOctober 23-27
Lasso LoopsOctober 21-23
Rodeo RidersOctober 18-21
Pumpkin ProwlOctober 12-18
Wilderness RetreatOctober 10-12

If you’re taking a break from Monopoly Go, explore other free games or keep an eye on upcoming releases worth your attention.



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