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How to Unblock Someone on TikTok – Best Step-by-Step Guide

How do I Find my Blocked List on TikTok?

  1. Open the TikTok app on your device.
  2. Tap on your profile icon at the bottom right corner of the screen to go to Account Details > Privacy Settings > Blocked List.

How to Unblock Someone on TikTok?

On iOS devices, tap on Account Details > Privacy Settings > Blocked List, then find the user you want to unblock and simply swipe left on their name. On Android, tap on Account Details > Privacy Settings > Manage Other People’s Data. Then tap Edit next to Unblock Person. For PC, you can follow this tutorial to know how.

What Are Some Reasons Why People Block Others?

  1. Some people have blocked other users due to less-than-desirable content, although this doesn’t happen often.
  2. Some people have blocked other users due to harassment or bullying.

What Are Some Reasons Why People Get Blocked?

  1.  Some people were reported by others on TikTok and were automatically blocked by the app for violating community guidelines.
  2. People can also manually block users they don’t want to see anymore on their timeline by tapping the ‘more’ icon (three dots), selecting Block, and choosing whether to mute or block them.

Can you be blocked without knowing it?

Yes, if someone has muted you without your knowledge, then that means you won’t see that person’s posts in your feed. You will not know that you have been muted by someone. However, if you have blocked a user without their knowledge, it is possible for them to know because they can no longer find you on TikTok and aren’t able to comment or send a message to your account.


Can You See Who Blocked You on TikTok?

The answer is no, you can’t see who blocked you on TikTok. However, there’s a way around it.

In order to block someone from watching your videos, commenting on them and being able to send you any direct messages they have to be logged in TikTok with their account. Therefore, if that person has deleted or closed down their account then there’s a chance that they won’t be able to view your videos anymore.

If this isn’t the case already then it might be because of the fact that they’re not following you back after having liked one of your videos. In other words: the only thing blocking people from seeing your content is when “you” follow them back or vice versa by liking one of their videos. If this “like” isn’t mutual then they won’t be able to view you.

Similarly, there’s no way to know for sure if someone has blocked you on TikTok as the person who has been blocked will not receive any notification of being blocked by anyone else.

In fact, the only thing a person can do if they want to know who is blocking them is by logging out from their account and signing back in again which could result in a different follower each time that someone does it according to other users’ experiences.

How Long are TikTok Bans?

Most of the bans on TikTok last a couple of days, but some last weeks. It’s hard to tell how long a ban will be because it is totally at the company’s discretion.

In general, if you break one rule you can expect a 24-hour ban from posting content on TikTok. If you break the same rule after this period ends, your suspension could go as high as seven days.

In cases where users commit serious offenses such as sharing underage content or excessively using profanity, their accounts might be reported and permanent ban from the app – but that’s not very common.

Please note that we have no special insights into the way TikTok operates its suspensions and terminations – this information is only what we have been told by users who have been banned from TikTok, and their stories may not be representative of the way the whole system operates.

In any case, this article is meant to be a warning sign about some behaviors that can get you banned from TikTok – if you’re really worried about your account being terminated, contact customer service to find out more before taking any drastic measures.



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