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How to Get Honeycomb in Minecraft – Top Tips and Tricks

How To Get Honeycomb In Minecraft?

This question has been asked many times by Minecraft players and the answer is still not very clear. Some people say that you can get honeycomb by breaking beehives with a sword, while others claim that it’s only possible to get it by using a pickaxe.

The truth is that you can actually get honeycomb in Minecraft by both breaking beehives with a sword and using a pickaxe. However, the chances of getting honeycomb are much higher when you use a pickaxe.

So, if you want to get your hands on some delicious honeycomb in Minecraft, make sure you have a pickaxe equipped and start smashing those beehives!

How Do You Make A Bee In Minecraft?

That’s more like it. You can’t “make” bees, either – at least not out of some clumps of dirt and petals. What you can do is use modding to add bees to your game, which effectively turns them into new pets that’ll follow you around wherever you go.

If they get attacked, don’t panic – they won’t die unless their stinger or wings fall off. Bees come in three types so far: regular ones with no special abilities, killer bees (like honeybees) who will attack enemies on sight, and bumblebees who can fly faster and have more health.

There’s no way to control bees directly, but you can give them things to do by setting up bee houses. These are just like regular animal houses, but they only hold bees, and you’ll need to add a few blocks of honeycombs for the bees to start working. When they do, they’ll automatically start producing honey that you can collect with a bucket.

It’s not as fast as getting it from a bee farm, but it’s a lot more fun – and you get the added bonus of having cute little bees following you around! If you’re lucky enough to find a queen bee, though, she’s the one you want to take home.

She can lay eggs that’ll hatch into worker bees, killer bees, and even queen bees of their own – and it’s always fun to watch them gather around her like they’re protecting a precious egg!


How Do You Get Honeycomb In Minecraft Without Being Attacked?

The most popular answer seems to be: Punch a bee hive. You will get multiple amounts of honeycombs this way. However, there’s a downside: Bees don’t like it when you do that and they will attack you from now on! To avoid being attacked by bees in the future, read this article…

Bees are passive mobs. In other words, they won’t bother you as long as you don’t bother them. They only attack if a player or mob provokes them by attacking one of their kind, or entering an aggressively-protected area.

Bee hives on the other hand, even though they also belong to bees, will never attack a player – unless that player attacks it first! So, you can safely harvest honey from a bee hive without being attacked… as long as you don’t provoke any bees trying to protect it.

On wild beehives (left), pollen sacs may spawn inside the log blocks. On tamed beehives (right), they will most likely spawn on top of the slabs. A wild beehive. It is empty, so the bees have probably abandoned it…

…or have left a surprise for potential looters: some pollen sacs! If you break a bee hive, a special type of drop – called “honey droplets” – will appear on the ground. Be careful though! They may contain harmful substances from other mods! If you’re not sure what they are, leave them alone.

Better safe than sorry… unless your hunger bar is low. The honeycombs that bees produce can be harvested by right-clicking on a bee hive with an empty hand. Honeycombs will automatically stack in your inventory and won’t get destroyed when you take them out of your inventory.

How Do You Use The Honeycomb In Minecraft?

The honeycomb is an item in Minecraft that can be used to craft a variety of items, including a hoe, a sword, and a pickaxe. It can also be used to make a cake or to refuel a furnace. In order to use the honeycomb, you must first find it in the world of Minecraft. It can be found in chests located in dungeons, strongholds, and temples.



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