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How To Solve a Rubik’s Cube – Step-by-Step Guide

Solve a Rubik’s Cube

Once you grasp the fundamental ideas and strategies, solving a Rubik’s cube may be a challenging but enjoyable activity.

The following steps will help you solve a Rubik’s cube:

Learn the functions of the cube’s various components

The cube is made up of “cubies,” or smaller cubes, on each side.
Corner cubies, edge cubies, and center cubies are the three different varieties of cubies.

The corner and edge cubies can be adjusted to different positions, and the center cubies decide the color of each side of the cube.

Solve the white cross first

To do this, arrange the white edge cubes on the cube’s top layer in the proper positions.
To achieve this, locate the cubbies with the white edges and arrange them so that the white side is facing up.

Once the white edge cubes are in the proper positions, twist the cube’s top layer.

Get the intermediate layer solved

The layer that lies between the top and bottom of the cube is known as the middle layer.
You must place the edge cubes in the proper placements in order to solve the middle layer.

Find an edge cubie that hasn’t been solved and place it between the two center cubies of the side you wish to use it on.

Once the edge cubie is in the proper position, twist the central layer.

The yellow cross puzzle

Similar to the white cross, the yellow cross is also on the cube’s bottom layer.

Place the yellow edge cubes in the appropriate spots on the cube’s bottom layer to solve the yellow cross.

Alter the top layer

Permuting the last layer, which entails rotating the corner and edge cubies in the bottom layer to their proper locations, is the final stage in solving the Rubik’s cube.

To place the cubies accurately, you will need to apply a variety of algorithms and strategies.


Keep in mind that it takes time and practice to solve a Rubik’s cube. If it takes you some time to get the hang of it, don’t give up.

You will eventually be able to solve the cube fast and comfortably with practice.



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